Each summer my partner Steve and I head to Bristol Bay, Alaska to participate in the largest Sockeye salmon fishery in the world. We are blessed to take part in a natural cycle literally thousands of years in the making.

After our salmon are picked out of the net they are placed directly, and with great care, into an icy slurry that quickly cools them. They are then delivered to a processing facility where they are filleted, de-boned, and flash frozen to preserve that "just-caught" freshness.

"In the Fall we bring home a limited quantity of salmon to sell and when it's gone, it's gone till we go fishing again! Please, try our fish and see what all the fuss is about" Steve and Heidi

Shipping Info:

  • We ship orders on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Your fish will arrive Wednesday thru Friday depending on where you live.
  • During check out you will be able to choose your preferred shipping date.  Please make sure you are in town that entire week.
  • You will get tracking via email info as soon as your order ships.
  • Your fish will be packed in a cooler with the appropriate amount of dry ice to ensure it arrives frozen.  All orders get packed with extra dry ice to withstand and extra day in transit.  If your order is delayed, please know it should still arrived frozen, however make sure your fish is placed in the freezer immediately after arrival.
  • Slight thawing in the thinnest part of the fillet will not effect the quality of your fish.  It will still be sushi grade....Promise!  We strive for all shipments to arrive frozen, however sometimes things happen that are out of our control.
If you have any concerns upon arrival please contact us immediately!
We are a small family run business and we strive for
100% customer satisfaction.


Shipping Costs:

Please check out our map to determine your shipping costs

  • Green zone = $49 flat rate shipping for up to 23 lbs
    • = $89 flat rate shipping for up to 46 lbs
  • Blue zone = $89 flat rate for up to 23 lbs
    • = $189 flat rate for up to 46 lbs

If you are outside of our Green Zone, your order will ship 2 Day Express Air and that is why it's more expensive


Why isn't Shipping Free?

C'mon...Free shipping is never really free. We are aware that most of our competitors offer free shipping, however this cost is built into their price. Our 10 lb price is similar or less than our competitors, HOWEVER, if you order more than 10 lbs, our flat rate shipping offers a big savings to you!


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